Containers By Season

They’re Festive & Bright


St. Patrick’s Day signals the beginning of our eight-month growing season as new shoots break the surface.  Tulips, daffodils, hyacinth, crocus and muscari emerge quickly over the next several weeks and by the second week of April we usher in Spring with our first seasonal planting.


The last chance for a hard frost in Chicago is May 15, when our overnight temperatures consistently hover near fifty degrees. With the relatively short bloom time of Spring flowering bulbs, the warmer weather feels long overdue and we begin replanting our show-stopping gardens with a brilliant display of flowers that will endure well into October. Given the endless supply of annuals and color combinations, we craft stunning, multi-level creations that set your garden apart from the rest.

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The building blocks of our Fall gardens are revealed when fountain grasses showcase their brilliant plumes, highlighting Chicagoland’s natural fall colors. The transition to Autumn is effortless as the holidays quickly take center stage. Let your landscape sing the praises of summer one more time and take advantage of the bountiful harvest. Mums are a quick fix, but lasting displays will rely upon contrasting textures and good design by utilizing flowering kale and cabbage, ornamental peppers, and colorful gourds to transform your outdoor space.


The last planting of the year coincides with our first snow, which can fall as early as Thanksgiving. The fresh snow reminds us to put on an extra layer, tidy up our planting beds, and keep our containers brimming with life as the holidays approach. Winter plantings may include fresh cut evergreen boughs, spruce tips, pine cones, eucalyptus, and winterberry.  Next to Summer, our Winter planting is the most important of the year as we go into four to five months of freezing temperatures.

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